"The history of art is reflected in MacKay's superb drawing and painting style as well as the figures, the poses, the compositions, the cropping, the lighting and the mysterious ambience. This effect is achieved by an original layering technique which begins with a colour slide transformed into a black-and-white laser copy that is, in turn, reinterpreted with charcoal and pastel in a very vigorous drawing style. The surface of the drawing is brushed and splattered with melted wax that is overlaid and highlighted with oil paint. The resulting texture is visceral and contrasts with the literalness of the image."

— Monique Westra, from The Talented Mr. MacKay

In December, 2010 AHM was invited to participate in BRAVO's Star Portrait Series. The first image in Portraits is his portrait of Elvis Stojko. Star Portraits Season 1: Elvis Stojko