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Tuesday October 30, 2012

On Parliament Hill , May 10, 2012 ; Canadian War Artist Allan Harding MacKay destroyed 5 original art works depicting aspects of Canada's military heritage in Somalia and Afghanistan to protest the Harper led Conservative Government's abuse of power.

As a follow up the artist has created an art work as a gift to Conservative Members of Parliament.

A Gift of Conscience

Artist Allan Harding MacKay has created a multiple art work to distribute to Prime Minister Harper, the 163 Conservative MP's in the House of Commons, the Government Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.

Designed as a signed and numbered edition, the art work is comprised of a boxed yellow velvet Glove with black text spelling the word Conscience. Inserted inside the Glove is a fragment from the previously destroyed art works of May 10, 2012 depicting aspects of Canada's military heritage in Somalia and Afghanistan created by the artist. The Speak Up Speak Out Parliament Hill action resulted in destruction of these original art works as a protest of the Harper led Conservative government's ongoing abuse of democratic Parliamentary traditions.

The artist is distributing a Gift of Conscience to all Conservative Members of Parliament ;including a Deluxe Edition to the Prime Minister, selected Ministers of Departments, the Government Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House as an artistic talisman to rekindle the individual conscience required to serve the citizens of Canada with honesty, integrity and reason in the service of the common good.

Gift of Conscience

The Artist

Allan Harding MacKay was a war artist previously contracted by the Department of National Defense in Somalia (1993) and Afghanistan (2002).

His military related art works are in the collections of the Canadian War Museum, Department of National Defense, National Gallery of Canada, Glenbow Museum, Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada Council Art Bank, and Georgian College.

AHM partnered with PFS Architects as the artist for the Veterans' Memorial commission at Queens Park, Toronto in 2006.

His award winning video Somalia Yellow has been shown in video festivals internationally. A CBC documentary on his Somalia assignment entitled Changing Perspectives was broadcast nationally and the theatre production Somalia Yellow, created by One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre in Calgary which toured to Prague and Glasgow.

Additional Somalia & Afghanistan video and works on paper have been created as recently as 2011.

Contact AH MacKay - Cell: 403 760 1804 | EMAIL

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Guardian52's comments
Shame on the CBC for not covering this on the National Thursday evening. If there ever was something that would draw the attention of the Dancing with the Stars viewing public to the abuse of power by the Harper government, this was it. Why did you effectively silence this powerful act of protest?

Old Bike Guy-'s comments
Aside from the video with Evan Solomon, this man can also be heard in this subsequent interview, eloquently describing his reasons:

He's not alone with his disgust.

coniferblack's comments
Good, rip them up. If you need help let me know.

Corporal Canuck's comments
Harper is no friend of the troops. To him they are nothing but cannon fodder, good only for photo ops and a seat at the table with the big guys. Once they have served their usefulness, the government washes it's hands of them.

So what is a Con to do? Attack veterans for criticizing the government? That won't go over too well with the Canadian people. That's kind of like praising the police or firefighters for risking their lives but slamming them for being in unions.

Soon Harper and the Cons won't have any friends at all (or maybe even jobs). Even the religious right is picking a fight with Harper over abortion. I must say that it couldn't happen to a nicer dictator.

inhabitant's comments
Thanks for helping draw attention to this disgrace of a government.

shockandahh's comments
Here's a condensed list of the grievances regardless of your political affiliation:

oil price sham's comments
He put his art where his mouth is! Small ripple to a big wave.

mr happy's comments
The artist gets undreamed of publicity, gains numerous new collectors, and makes his work more scarce all in one rip. Smart business move Allan Harding MacKay.

indierev's comments
If the art comes without integrated dollar signs, don't expect the right wing to understand it. There's only one thing they understand.... making money at any or all costs.

ChantalLeBouthi's comments
This is just the Beginning

Hannibal's comments
Canadians have to realize that this regime is inspired by the methods and ideology dominant in Alberta. If they want Canada to end up looking like the totally undemocratic and corporate dominated state of Alberta and its emulation of America then that's what they are going to get.

One Eyed Jack's comments
The Harper government's contempt for democracy is shocking. They are running the country like a dictatorship and discontent is heating up quite rapidly among Canadians. Pay attention. How long before we begin to see them rounding up political prisoners? Its not far off. They have completely hijacked the democratic process and are engaging in dangerous politics.

anne925's comments
Mr. MacKay made a big sacrifice to express his outrage to the erosion of democracy we are witnessing today. I too feel his outrage and share his statement to Mr. MacKay ...You are not alone and we are awake, there really are so many more Canadians talking about this concern. In the positive, it is my hope are elected officials have a sense of this growing concern and in doing so recognize the need for honest, open, intelligent debate in government today. I too watch CPAC and keep myself very informed, it is shameful to see what qualifies for an answer in our country today!

mtltechwriter's comments
There go his profits and his reputation as a reasonable, rational, peace-loving artist!

fathead's comments
...integrity is so hurt me to watch ...but i completely understand.....I tip my hat to you SIR!

joanclone's comments
I hope some of the Harper government team of artists are on site to record as art, in various media, these acts of mean-spirited self-serving protest.

Rose21's comments@ BlindEye:
All artists, let's unite and have a massive art burning to protest this govt. A loss of Canadian treasures would receive world wide attention and open the world's eyes to the destruction this govt is causing."
No, sorry, that would not happen. The reason is, you would have to articulate what your concerns are, and in doing so it would become obvious that the issue is just your own political disagreement with the Harper government. Political controversies are the same all over the world. People are not being mistreated and many people feel that the country is being well run. Do be aware that Conservatives still have many supporters and many who see the accusations of "abuse"etc. as being so much noise coming from the opposition ranks. To me, the ripping up of an art work does look like a temper tantrum. Perhaps his real intention is to gain publicity for sales. I guess he has succeeded there.

chanel2010's comments
I work in the arts and I felt my heart being torn when I saw Mr.Mackay tearing his painting.

I understand his frustration with this government so I stand with him.

Unfortunately we are dealing with a cold manipulative government who couldn't care less about sick veterans, sick children, sick elderly. So what effect will this have on them I don't think any.

You cannot warm a heart when there is none to warm.

But what scares me the most, is that Mr.Harper is not alone.

Rumble Rally's comments
selenius wrote;

I support his cause...we need to support our troops.
tearing up artwork does look a bit like a temper tantrum
I doubt it will work. think about what motivates politicians...votes. go after that.
I agree with most of what you say, but this action was in no way a temper tantrum. It was a signal.

Votes, yes, indeed; however too much long-lasting damage is going to be inflicted by this Robocall government.


Brian Cyr's comments
All artists, let's unite and have a massive art burning to protest this govt. A loss of Canadian treasures would receive world wide attention and open the world's eyes to the destruction this govt is causing.

HelmholtzWatson's comments
Art is what raises us, even when we fall into the barbarism of war, towards civilization.

Unfortunately, as we see in some of these comments, some among us dwell in a primitive parallel dimension.

arrow311's comments
Mr Alan Harding Mackay, I don't know what kind of art you do but please don't misuse your gift, so many people would love to have your talent. True, it is yours but your works will be gone forever and the harper government will still be there in all it's evilness...think! there has to be a better way to use your talents.They are not worth it and I'm sorry to say, they don't care and will just use your protest for their own gains..don't lower yourself to their think they know art ! I doubt it...they don't even know kindness.

HelmholtzWatson's comments
This act may prove to be one of the greatest artistic contributions ever made to Canada.

I call on all Canadian artists to defend, in whatever way they can, the country which inspires their work. In fact, all proud Canadians who value the foundations of democracy on which this country is built should feel a deep calling from the heart of all all creativity to resist the Harper regime's war on Canada.

We are all artists; yet we should all be ready to sacrifice our works in defence of that which binds us all.

I can't fathom the numb people who do not feel the wounds that this regime is inflicting on the fabric of our homeland, wounds from which it may be difficult to recover. In that sense, the fact that MacKay is a war artist makes the symbolism that much more powerful.

What this regime is doing to our great country is the equivalent of taking a box cutter to, say, a Lawren Harris or A. Y. Jackson canvas.

selenius's comments
I support his cause...we need to suuport our troops.

tearing up artwork does look a bit like a temper tantrum

I doubt it will work. think about what motivates politicians...votes.

go after that.

N8VSON's comments
Oh Canada. Your home on (stolen) Native land. Thank you Mr. MacKay. I appreciate your support on Native issues and land claims which Ottawa steadfastly refuses to seriously address. We understand your historical work was a labour of love for your country and your action required great resolve on your part. Would that more citizens had that kind of courage. Remarkable man.

portcoquitlam's comments
I work as an Occupational Therapist in the community, one of the groups we work with are Veterans. Of all of the 3rd party payers (examples include Blue Cross, manulife, various government ministries, etc.) by far the most difficult to acquire funding from is the Department of Veterans Affairs. They make getting something such as a wheelchair incredibly difficult.

And this from a government who sees fit to provide one of the lowest corporate tax breaks in the Western world, lower than the U.S.

Rumble Rally's comments
A friend of mine gave me a stone with 'Accept' etched on it. She gave me this because of my anger towards this current regime and thought it was getting in the way of a bright, cheery and positive attitude. Or maybe she just wanted to silence me because my complaining reminded her of how things are in the US (she's American). Sure I understand the notion of not trying to change things that can't be changed, but that applies to meteorites slamming in to the home planet. Human made problems require human made solutions.

Told another friend about the stone. She said she wanted one with "Fight' on it.
That's what we are as Canadians; fighters. Not necessarily violent or belligerant, but we know what to do when the time comes. As painful as it was, Mr. MacKay knew what to do, and everyone will know what to do when the time is right, which, I think, is now.

Find your voice. You have it in you. The Charter protects you. You may need to sacrifice something like time, energy, money. Talk to friends and your circle of people and see what they think. Get out of feeling isolated because that's one thing this regime is relying on. It's not partisan politics, it's a fight for democracy, sovereignty, and your tax dollars.

Drkhors's comments
This bold act is exactly the sort of direct action that artists across Canada may take to bring attention to the Harper Government's dismantling of Canadian democracy. Good for you, sir, and good for CBC in drawing attention to the act. Incidentally, Evan, this sort of action is not unprecedented. Approximately twenty-seven years ago, West Coast Artist Tony Onley threatened to destroy his work in protest to draconian Canadian tax laws that threatened to tax him on unsold works in his own archives. Although the impetus on Mr. Onley's part was considerably more self-serving than the current action, it does provide a precedent. Perhaps a national 'Day Without Art' is in order (where Canadian Artists of every stripe withdraw their services and access to their work for twenty-four hours) given the Harper Government's treatment, not only of vets and artists, but the rights and freedoms of ordinary Canadians and our environment.

KamHam's comments
Well done.
More of us need to find a legal protest that will demonstrate our disdain for Harpers disdain of democracy.

BHughes's comments
Artist MacKay, like page Depape, understand that it is up to the citizens of this country to claw back their country. The normal checks & balances that should keep Harper accountable have either been corrupted, appointed or influenced by this regime. The Senate, GG, RCMP do not appear to be working for Canadians, just Conservatves, thus have lost confidence of the public.

Prorogations, election fraud, contempt of parliament, misleading committees & the public, voter suppression & bold faced lies have resulted in no punishment to Harper & his thugs. Very few in the media take the government to task, as is the role of a free media, so it is up to individuals to embarrass, expose & enlighten the public to the farce we have "governing" us. Can we afford to wait until 2015?

lsecord's comments
What Allan Harding MacKay did was make a sacrifice to speak out. It was a sacrifice that was available to him.

It is obvious from his remarks, from the emotional intensity of the act, and from the emotional toll that it took for him to act and to speak out in this way.

He is obviously not used to performing any act of protest or civil disobedience, but feels at this time and place driven to it. The cynics who want to make his action out to be mercenary or grandstanding are just trying to discredit him for their own purposes. To shut down dissent. This government attacks and vilifies all dissenters.

We must have courage to speak out and stand up, knowing that the government and its supporters will attack us personally and try to shut down free speech and critiques of legitimate concern.

I salute MacKay's courage. It took courage to be an imbedded artist: this act probably shook him more than being in the field.

I guess the questions MacKay's action raises are: what sacrifices are the rest of us willing to make to defend our constitutional democracy, the freedoms of speech and assembly that our government is supposed to safeguard. How can we protest and limit the abuses of power we are seeing every day out of the government?

JeffCBC's comments
Oh, artists! So tortured.

Supertest's comments
Once you become elected it's a free ride to retirement pensions and the like. Sure they do work hard,(when they work) but once elected they forget their roots and where they come from and especially the little guy!

Anything to keep the seat is what happens to all politicians.

jkayak's comments
It's his own art. He can do with it what he likes.Rating7Agree with comment

Melmoth's comments
They are HIS paintings he is doing it voluntarily He is making a protest. It is the EXACT opposite of book burnings by a power elite whether the inquisition or the NSDAP.

But then again we should know that a known conbot shill is incapable of seeing the difference.

NotADummy's comments
I hope the Governor General was watching this segment of Power & Politics.

Play it again Evan.

Citizen Cain's comments
The simple fact that you are writing and replying to this article implies that you are now aware of his art and cause....... yes, money could help (although temporarily), but a larger measure is needed to awaken the government towards the problems which face Canadian veterans and First Nations people - this is what the artist is hoping to achieve.

Sean Flynn's comments
Well done to the artist, but it won't solve anything. The system has been riggest long ago to favour the party in power and it seems no bungle or scandal is big enough to rouse the public from their sleep.

As long as this government fools people into thinking it is providing a good economic future and stability than middle class Canada will vote for him. The trouble is it's not. The deficit is climbing higher than it ever was under the Liberals. While cutting programs like Katamavik that open young people's minds about Canada and give them vauable experience they are building prisons and giving petty weed dealers expensive stays in public incarceration.

Fiscally, socially, this government is a loss yet somehow we're too complacent to give a damn.

JayPeeCee's comments
I do wish our esteemed 'artists' of all types would stick to what they do and quit acting like spoiled children...who paid him to draw art in Afghanistan anyway? Dartmouth's

Art is much more than just drawing pictures of things. What MacKay did could be viewed as performance art.

Domer49's comments@JPC
... I wish the Harper gov't would stop trolling all the news columns looking to dispute and defame our citizens for standing up for what we believe in... but here you are. The PMO in all it's glory.

jerryrobert's comments
Excellent form of advertising. No Canadian would even know this guy or bother to look at his art anyways.

What bothers me is that likely some Canadian military service man or women probably had to risk their lives by making sure this guy could get his crayons out to draw.

Want to make more profound political impact? He could have taken his skills and sketched and painted the faces of aboriginal poverty, abuse and addiction. How embarrassing and profound could that have been as an indictment against ALL of our governments?

Remember Pica-so and his tortured paintings depicting war and bombing in Spain pre WW11?

Profound and still studied today around the world.

Picasso didn't rip them up in a hissy fit because he hated Franco and Hitler.

Demonthenes's comments
So now cons like you are telling people how the should express their views even when it is peaceful and costs you nothing?
What's next? Are you going to dictate to writers what stories they should write?

Tell us again.......why is it you think that because someone like Picasso didn't act in the same way, it somehow de-legitimizes what this artist freely expresses. Are you suggesting that if he doesn't also paint like Picasso, he isn't really an artist?

Maybe you should be more concerned about your own actions and less critical of others freedom to express their dissatisfaction with the current Harper regime
Or is it the dissatisfaction that troubles you in the first place? If so then prepared to be troubled.

Anne Peterson's comments
I would like to know where the honest, ethical conservatives are. There must be some on that bench somewhere. Have they all been brain washed to believe the Harper government actions are just fine. Just cute little tricks. A bit of mischief. Well this is the government of Canada, a country which deserves more respect. Are they all just quivering in their boots or are they all just as power mad as their leader?Stand up and be counted for decency.

marhaba88's comments
Good for him.

WinterE's comments
and good for us too.

ode2B17's comments
Good for him... sometimes we have to do "radical" things to get people to wake-up!

RolandGodin's comments
The House of Commons and the MPs do not have the confidence of the people to sit until, the robocall, the F-35, the salaries and the expense accounts and pension funds of MLAs, and you can add on to the list, issues that jeopardize our rooted democracy are resolved. May I suggest as a conservative and not a reformer that the Governor General meet the provincial premiers and form a conseil spécial with the mandate to gouverne and consult the people through this unprecedented moment in our Voilà

Domer49's comments
A commentator with 'smarts'... thank you Roland, nice to read an actual comment, instead of 'commentator bashing from the PMO' and the other Reformers.

heybigbrother's comments
Jail Harper for election fraud, keeping two sets of books and war crimes.

MauiJack's comments
Courage of one's convictions may be admirable but some poor guy ripping up his pictures for the good of the liberal party is just too funny to discuss seriously. I wonder what he'll do for a encore?

Not much sympathy from Canadians who prefer to put food on the table, maintain a roof over their heads and, just maybe, salt away a little money for their retirement. Seems we're paying the price for liberal indulgences, including those foisted on Canadians during the years of coalition and backroom deal making with the block party.

The liberal mindset is truly a sickness that has been thrown over parts of Canada by the self-indulgent, the pseudo-intellectual and the social "scientists" who, as hard as they have tried, have not perfected their culture of tacit control. Now its coming apart at the seams and they don't like it.

Are Canadians realizing that cradle to grave social programs only work if more than 50% of the population, and all of the big bad corporations are active financial contributors? Without a doubt. With 33% of Canada's employed working in some form of government job, there isn't much room for error.

ollie12's comments
Do so called Conservatives not read? This has nothing to do with political parties - it has everything to do with Democracy and Canada. Con comments "always seem" to prove that the research was right - they are not very bright. Big voices - no intellect.

idavid's comments
...if Canada only had more men like this guy....we'd, at least, have hope. However, most Canadians are just plain complacent or ignorant....or just plain lazy...pick one...

At least he's using his notoriety for good. This art would only serve the wrong reasons if he didn't destroy it for a good one...

Great man !!!

Dissenter's comments
It has been posted many times now, that if a majority of people expressed dissatisfaction with the Govt. It could make the Govt. and all others see, that what is going on is not acceptable. When people feel disempowered, nothing happens.
Everyone should be watching the Politicians, especially the ones they voted for. This can be done during the day, if not possible in the evening on cpac.
A knowledgeable voter is a powerful one. Demand answers about what your politician is doing for you and the community. If you perceive they are not performing well tell them so. Point out that they can be replaced.
Do not say it's useless, they are all the same, and I am not going to vote. Anyone who believes that not voting is an option is part of the problem. It is what is being counted on.
All it does is ensures Govts. such as we have right now, stay in power.
Tell the Politicians to reinstitute children being taught in school about their political rights and our political system from a young age. Gaining a A Democratic Society is not intuitive, it has to be learned from a young age, and practiced.
One must be actively involved in the Political system. To vote every four years is not enough. Politicians must be kept accountable, this can only be done, if one understands the rules and rights inherent in the Political system one lives under. Ours is being abused, because they can/ very few challenge
The average Canadian seems to have no knowledge of how Parliament works.
Contrary to belief the Opposition are not a waste of space, but a necessary part of keeping the Govt. accountable. The more Harper refuses to comply with the laws of Parliament, the more the laws are damaged. He is totally incorrigible in that he recognizes no authority but himself.

4degreesCby2080's comments

A true hero against the destruction of Canadian Democracy

Dissenter's comments
If this is what it takes to wake up the somnolent people of Canada, so be it. Artists traditionally protest by destroying their life's work for causes.
The first painting I saw in art school was an extremely powerful one. It hung on the back wall of our classroom. The painting was 'Geurnika. It depicted the terrible tragedy of war. I have never forgotten the immense sadness which this painting awoke in me. We had just come through a World War. We had been bombed out three times, and painting in Art School, was a release a way to deal with the tragedies we had experienced.
It is incomprehensible that some people who post on this website, are so into control and the expectation of all people falling into line on order, that it is sickening and worrying that they seem to have no moral compass to tell them that their actions are innappropriate.
The ability to feel compassion for others is a fundamental reaction to other's suffering. It is sad that the actions of some people, show that, they cannot feel other's pain.
Mr MacKay is a courageous man, when I am sculpting I enter a zone where I
forget to eat, or sleep . Any work I do, is connected to my soul. The Japanese refuse to have angry art/dolls in their homes, they say that the soul of the person who creates something, enters the item at the time created. They believe that anything ugly or angry, is indicative of an angry artist.
When a child is born in Japan, a doll is presented to them. This doll acts as a guardian angel for that child. When the child is old enough, the dolll is cremated, so that the soul in the doll can be released to help another child. At some level the tearing up of a painting serves just such a purpose. It is symbolic of creating light from darkness....

canadian363's comments
I wish more Canadians had guts like this guy and stood up because of what is going on. For some

Bookworms's comments
Good man!

That was really intense to watch and looked like it hurt to do that.

The Federal 'Harper' Government absolutely has been abusing its power. I applaud Allen MacKay for taking a stand for veterans' rights as well as against the abuse of power demonstrated by the CONs.

OrdinaryJo's comments
I cried. I am no crybaby. My war-going great and grandfathers, great uncles, godmother, uncles and cousins taught me not to cry about the facts of wars. Disclosure: my father would have been gladly drafted if only he had most of his fingers.

This act, this most personal act of a war-going artist, accepted and revered by THE TROOPS, to do this... cut me to the core.

Starkly and sharply, like a sudden death, good work was destroyed.

An apt metaphor of the Harper Government.

This soldiers' artist stood up to regime just the same as ordinary Canadians have stood up to regimes over a hundred years.

Sad how this regime has come to Canada, and artists and soldiers are the first to feel the brunt, the absolute desolation of a country's governance that abandons the reason why ordinary Canadians came and gave above and beyond the call of duty.

I cried because I saw a Canadian government that disregarded and disrespected the very lives of Canadians who gave their all for Canada, and for people to be free in many places that were once war torn.

I cried to see a war artist, a person who the troops allowed among them, trusted to portray them in an honourable way, trusted to represent Canadians who are mostly peaceful but fierce warriors when required, be brought to such an impasse.

I cried to see him tear his painting in half. I only hope that those he depicted so faithfully and true will see his action as a benediction and salve; as an act of salvation as no one but the ones who were there will ever know. For those he tore up his painting.

For the rest of us... well we shall soon see who is on the side of the war-going artist, and those who will sit in safety and condemn him.

Rumble Rally's comments
Thank you. You said it all.

HelmholtzWatson's comments
All honest Canadians are feeling great pain right now. Know that you are not alone in your mourning. We all weep as we witness the debasement of our country by these barbarians.

But we must also stand tall, like this great artist, and be ready to make personal sacrifice in defense of our great country. All those who sacrificed before us to build the foundations of democracy depend on us to keep the dream alive.

It is in our hands.

nomoresilence's comments
This man is a true hero...I admire the courage it took to do this.

JeffreySpalding's comments

You are a loved friend and greatly admired artist. However, sorry, there is nothing heroic about destroying your art to protest the mundane, somnambulist, views of conservatives.

Nevertheless, thank you very much for the offer. The Conservative are hapless dinks. They are past masters of destroying not only art; but of more lasting consequence, they compromise our international reputation and national integrity: our vision of a noble Canada has been eradicated by them. How will we ever recover?

So, I hardly think that your personal offer, principled gesture will affect the likes of them in the least. These are horrid little people. They have no world view whatsoever; how could you ever imagine otherwise?

Instead, if you proceed, as you outline, to destroy your war art, you simply play into their hands. Harper, and his likes, will be emboldened. They will have achieved what they actually want. Art means nothing to them; reflective thought even less. They will be a step close to eliminating opposition to their policies and their shameful, disgraceful international conduct enacted under their rule.

Jeffrey Spalding, C.M.

rebuilt's comments
Given that we have what appears to be an illegitimate government that gained office through election fraud. And that government, led by a Bilderburgher, is selling us out to corporate interests at pennies on dollar.
A better form of protest would be a mass witholding taxes.

Sean M's comments
Hat's off to this artist.

Judging from the comments, it seems like Con's are more interested in fornicating with their 1st cousins rather than having an appreciation for the arts - I guess their thing is playing quarters and trying their hand at comedy.

Such simpletons

Sean M's comments
This artist has more integrity in his pinkie than the whole Con party combined.

MidKlass's comments
There was a man in Tunisia a Mr. Bouazizi that set himself on fire in protest to the abhoration of a despicable so called government. He began the Arab spring.

This is action by Mr. MacKay is borne of the same sentiment.

dligert's comments
Al Mackay is also a veteran. The level of protest that's beginning to happen in this country is only going to grow.

robins111's comments
I've seen his work.. it was no loss. He apparently thinks he's an artist because he took it in university. No real talent..

jdinafrica's comments
are you serious. His art work is amazing.

CodieneC's comments
if he has no talent then why did the government suggest he donate the art piece to them instead of destroying it?

KnightofLiberty's comments@ live-evil, re:
I'm aware, and I hate the way it's going as much as the next man. but beside waiting until 2015, what else can we do?
email the Governor General and demand a new election now not in 2015
fixed ones don't count
and if he does not respond email the queen and ask to have him replaced.
Power to the People of Canada

Montreal100's comments
The GG has received many letters but has not responded to any. But people should keep writing him, by PAPER letters, send copies to media, all newspapers, etc.

CaptainKangeroo's comments
Its a crying shame. Its amazing work. Its a big statement to do this. Just shows how disgusted he is with Harper's power abuse and him destroying our democracy.

Sean M's comments
"the government that represents the majority"
Sorry to inform you guy, but 39% does not represent a majority - of anything. Add to that the fact that your beloved Cons had to cheat in order to get that 39%, makes them look all the more pathetic.

Now be a good boy and do as your master says Conbot

Buck Turgidson's comments
More noted Canadian artists, authors, musicians, actors, need to step up and speak out against Harper and his RepubliCon abomination NOW. That's partly how the Bush abominaton was finally put out to pasture in the USA.

Well done Allan MacKay.

William Hebert's comments
A spokesman for Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Jay Paxton, had suggested he donate the works.
_ __ __ __ __ __ __
To who? A government agency or institution?

So CRAP can liquidate them in the next round of budget cuts?


KnightofLiberty's comments
i guess Mr. MacKay sees the cons like the majority of Canadians see them
callous unconcern for the feelings of others
• Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships
• Reckless disregard for the safety of others
• Deceitfulness: repeated lying and conning for the benefit of
• Inability to admit and feel guilt
• Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behavior

William Hebert's comments
This artist's actions are in stark contrast to the vast majority of apathetic Canadian people, particularly English Canada*, who appear far more concerned at where the next Walmart Superstore is opening or when a Target will replace their Zellers !

The destruction of his work on live TV was a very poignant moment. The artists voice was shaking and you could feel the emotion of his convictions.

I wonder how many more unusual acts of defiance it will take to finally get our fat-assed nation of their couches and onto the streets.

*In Quebec "Earth Day" drew 250,000 gathering and students are currently protesting tuition hikes.

MBrunswick's comments@ live-evil, re:
i'm aware, and i hate the way it's going as much as the next man. but beside waiting until 2015, what else can we do?
Not sure that anyone can answer that quite yet.
However don't roll over and act like there is nothing you can do. Don't stay silent.

You are on these threads right now. Compose a letter to the editor of all the major newspapers you can think of, and cc to the PMO, the NDP, the Libs, your own MP, the Greens, and your mother to make her proud of you. Send it to her for next weekend with a Mother's Day card.

What ever it is that the government is doing that you do not agree with, and do not support, write it down and explain why you feel this way.

Maybe the MPs and the PMO won't listen, but the rest of the country - and other countries - will take note. Canadians are usually very mellow. However we are mad now, and rather than throw our TVs out the window (which is destructive and wasteful - and polluting) we should do the Canadian thing. Write a letter to the editors. En masse.

Guardian52's comments
Thank you Mr. MacKay for putting yourself out in front of the nation to publicly express the frustration and quiet outrage that so many Canadians are also feeling.

Hopefully your honourable act of protest will inspire others who are in a position to command attention to speak out

Tdrouillard49's comments
Kudos to Mr. Allan Harding McKay for taking a stand on his convictions.....I applaud you sir.
peter mckays' spokesman had the gall to suggest that this gentleman's art be donated instead of destroyed.

Why would this man of integrity and conviction even entertain the notion of donating his work to the very government that has been treating its veterans with such callous indiffernece bordering on contempt for those that put their lives on the line.

Durward's comments
So what is he protesting?
It's not like natives and vets are not both treated better than under the previous government already and work is being done on behalf of both.
Does he believe Harper has a magic wand with which to vanquish all the bad policies enacted by the previous governments instantaneously?
Or is he just another socialist side show doing his bit to smear the duly elected government through antics and screaming because they can't win a debate and they reject reason outright.
This kind of childish gimmickry is getting old real fast.

Sean M's comments
What is he protesting?

Try reading.......

widman's comments
We can stand up and be counted. We can petition the GG for a public inquiry. We can give money to groups that are fighting. We can show up at the rallies. We can press our MPs. We can refuse to cooperate.
We have to try!

Rumble Rally's comments
If I remember Yoda correctly; 'there is no trying. There is only do.

canadacan's comments
Watching that was very difficult. Thank you, sir.

I hope the next government annuls every law made during the 41st Parliament of Canada. None were made to help us.

MBrunswick's comments
Wow. What a truly selfless act, for something he believes in. We salute you, Allan Harding MacKay, for bringing honour to your family name and for your portraits of what war truly is - and for speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves.

Breton Emigrant's comments
Evan Solomon was speechless...I believe a lot of folks who were watching the program were just as speechless. I know I was for a minute and then I thought- Wow and good for you Sir. He didn't walk down the street and break windows or torch cars in protest.No,he took 1 of his labors of love and destroyed it live on National TV to protest the present governance or lack thereof. This was not an easy thing for him to do. I know skilled artisans who wouldn't dream of destroying a guitar or cabinet he or she had fashioned by hand. How many average Joes who took months/years to restore a classic vehicle would take an ax to it in protest? Not too many! It's not about the dollars but the sentimental factor keeping them from ruining what they've done.
This Man has destroyed that which he prides his life on--we have been honored...we should honor him in return. Thank You Mr.Alan Harding MacKay-we understand

KnightofLiberty's comments
Time to wake up Canada before this Big oil and big bank oink oink harper puppet
government destroys this country and it's people all for the all mighty buck.

Media_Thoughts's comments
I wonder who paid for his trip to Afghanistan? Just wondering....

And while i agree that all vets should be treated seems that all governing parties fail our vets!

Ed Budd's comments
WE paid for it...and it was well-spent apparently.

Sean M's comments
just wondering or just fishing?

Wonder to yourself

DeeDeeW's comments
just wondering? Canada has a long tradition of sending war artists to war zones. Thought you cons took pride in all that stuff.

awdmother's comments
I wonder if you caught the 20th Year Anniversary of the Westeray Mine Disaster yesterday. Your boy Pete from DND was there, along with L. Raitt Minister of Labour also Ken Neuman, Director of United Steelworkers Union and a chap by name of Vern Thieriault, a miner that was part of the five day search for 26 dead (11 never recovered) employees.
In "2004, the Westray bill was passed in the House of Commons with all-party support. It is now possible to charge corporate brass for their failure to protect workers. An inquiry found the owner and managers were responsible for dangerous conditions at the mine, but the Crown wasn't able to prosecute any employers. only six charges have ever been laid and none of the cases was successfully prosecuted — they were either settled by plea bargains or the imposition of fines."

There have been an estimated 8,000 work-related deaths since the law was passed, he said.I realize I am off topic, but it really is the same pile of CRAP, if you get my drift. There is no sincerely responsible political will of this government.

look.see's comments
BRAVO for using your 'voice' ,,, you speak for the many Canadians who absolutely are concerned by the Harper Government's "erosion of democracy" in its many forms. The citizenry does indeed have a voice and you show us that we need to all speak up and speak out about the lack of accountability, the unanswered questions and the hidden agendas of this ruling party!!

slgam!'s comments
I couldn't care less if he rips up everything he's ever done, and jumps off the CNTower. A meaningless Harper-hating gesture on the 24/7 Harper-hating network, from someone only a CBC afficiando would recognize. Thankfully, my vote cancels his.

Sponge-Bob's comments
But you voice doesn't cancel his. He is an artist and you are NOT.

Naproxen's comments
at least he has the power of his convictions
something cons don't seem to know about

DeeDeeW's comments
just because you disagree with someone's point of view doesn't mean you hate them. That's the problem with this new brand of conservatism. I don't hate harper or anyone in the party, I just don't agree with them and I appreciate living in a country where I can say that openly and freely.

Sponge-Bob's comments
I watched live when the artist destroyed the painting. I must say, I have rarely seen such an intense moment on Canadian Television. (Evan Soloman was almost speechless.)
I do respect Mr. MacKay's position. One could actually feel and see the intensity of the act on his face and in his voice. It must have been a terrifying moment, like an agony. At the same time, I thought of the pain endured by the veterans who are left to suffer, the seniors who don't get the needed help and all other citizens going through hardship. I also thought of people who died in self immolation to protest against social injustice or in their fight against undemocratic regimes.

Ed Budd's comments
Bordering on the poetic. Nice post.

MBrunswick's comments
Hi Ed, good response.

westernlass's comments

Our Next Honourable Man!

2 In 1 week!

Ed Budd's comments
Peace, brother. Your sacrifice is worthy. Thank you.

cowbay's comments
What a truly courageous thing to do, soldiers are still dying to instill democracy in foreign lands meanwhile we do not have it in Canada. Harper only supports the troops when it benefits him politically but when they get injured he wants nothing to do with them. As a former soldier of 36 years Bravo Zulu Harding MacKay you represent the frustrations of a majority of Canadians.....................

Fribance's comments
Wow. This guy certainly craves attention. He must have a new piece of art for sale and

Sponge-Bob's comments
You are just angry because he didn't give you the painting he just destroyed. You wish you could find one of his works in a garage sale. Dream dream.

Naproxen's comments
his paintings are most certainly worth many thousands times more than the 'dogs playing poker' art cons seem to covet and i doubt you could afford to buy a piece of his work

Sean M's comments
Yeah....guess that's it huh conbot? You have it all figured out ... right?

Fribance's comments
I guess every leftie missed his little gig he does to attract attention. He regularly shreds his work. So this is not a big deal. It's an attention getter.

awdmother's comments
Fribance, your depth of insight is miraculous to say the least, tsk tsk, lol,lol.

Mellowcanuck's comments
When you control all avenues of discourse this is what you get. Its called imagination and innovation.

99 percenter's comments
That is a great comment, MellowCanuck.

shmaso's comments
Hello Chicken Boy,

Developmentally, people are at their most creative (artistic) during kindergarten. If we, as a culture could maintain the degree of creativity we all had in kindergarten we would lead happier, richer lives. Art therapy is an established and respected form of therapy for people dealing with some types of mental illness. So although, it appears that your comment was intended to be insulting to Mr. MacKay, in fact it is very accurate. Do let's all return to kindergarten and become artists once again. Perhaps we wouldn't end up snide & mean spirited.

whithertruth's comments
Allan Harding MacKay is a true hero. We all need to protest in whatever way we can to stop the government from destroying everything that was good about Canada. Stephen Harper said that Canadians don't care about "some Parliamentary Shenanigans" when dismissing the contempt of Parliament finding. Since then he has demonstrated that he cares about little else other than absolute power, acquired through fraudulent means and unequivocal support from multinational corporations. Meanwhile, he is doing everything possible to silence opposition to his regressive policies that only favour those who share his ideology. Rise up, people! It's our turn to show Harper that Canadians do care.

Guardian52's comments
Canadians might rise up if they had a leader.

Dissenter's comments
I am devastated about the fact that Allan Harding MacKay has found it necessary to destroy his work! I understand perfectly why he has done this. He is planning to destroy four more works. He was physically shaking when he left CBC tonight. He is not a young man. He will appear on parliament Hill tomorrow.
I protest openly about this Govt. as some of you are probably aware. Some times it feels hopeless, because people accept the status quo. I cannot understand the apathy of the Canadian Public.
Mr MacKay, when asked why he was doing this, said the reason was to try and wake the Canadian public up to the behaviour of this egregious Govt. He also said that the treatment of War Vets was not acceptable.
I too am an artist. I was granted a scholarship at the age of 15 in England to attend Art School, even though I was a year too young. I am also a Poet and writer. I understand the enormity of an artist destroying his own work in protest. It tears the very fabric of one's soul I endorse and admire and respect Mr MacKay's gesture. I wish I had thought of this earlier...My great grandmother was named Catherine MacKay. No relationship as far as i know...

maddie00's comments
The hatred of this Harper government spreads far and wide as more and more Canadians are just fed up.

MBrunswick's comments
Agreed, although for some of us it isn't necessarily hate - just an unwillingness to see our country and our values trashed by an uncaring government.

Neil Gregory's comments
Unfortunately, there are not enough fed up Canadians are willing to take any real action. Far too many of us are content to sit on our collectives asses and confine ourselves to moaning and complaining. Far too many Canadians refused to even vote let alone get out and support any form of protest against the Harper government.

MartinW's comments
Bravo! Bravo! And again Bravo!

We have a government which is destroying everything the soldiers in the paintings were fighting and dying for, so this is absolutely called for and absolutely the correct thing to do, as it reflects accurately what is being done to 'freedom' and 'democracy' at home.

andmarc1431's comments
What is being done to freedom and democracy?

Truthyseeker's comments
Bravo !

All thinking Canadians - and our fathers and grandfathers who fought for democratic freedom - were and are the kind of Canadians who would support of this action.

The time has come to speak up and end this abuse of our democratic rights by Harper

andhalamadola's comments
The time to speak up was in 2011 when 60% of us blew the chance. Now if, what happened today, doesn’t shake the conscience of the government - or its ideological supporters - then what will?

William Hebert's comments
Completely agree.

Of late, I have been asking myself exactly what our soldiers are fighting for under their current political masters!

This governments contempt for parliamentary tradition, the disdain for the basic democratic right to vote, and the snubbing to two major anniversaries of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms spits in the faces of those who sacrificed their lives, their limbs, and their health for this nation.

Are we putting our soldiers in harm's way to build up some 19th century mercantalist nation-state or some corporate run free trade zone?

Coffy Time's comments
This summer is the time to take back democracy in this country. I am ashamed that the NDP Liberals and Greens have not come together to force and election on behalf of Canadians. They know and understand the dangers of the Conservative party and yet they do nothing. If the politicians can not unite then the people of this country must. We are the last line of defence in the face of tyranny.

Just because people voted the way they did does not give anyone the excuse for apathy. Evil is only aloud to exist when good people fail to act. Elizabeth May, Bob Rae, Thomas Mulcair do you duty Unite and bring democracy back to this country

Durandal's comments
Attacking CBC instead of considering the message this "stunt" is trying to communicate.... good job Drydocked!

Melmoth's comments@andhalamadola
Do not blame the electorate; blame the system. The FPTP system is irredeemably broken

Harper and his Darth Sidious Tom Flanagan wrote a diatribe called "Our Benign Dictatorship" in which they bemoaned the fact that John Chretien had won a majority government in 2000 with "only" 25.00% of eligible voters actually voting for him (in fact it was a LARGER majority than Harper won in 2011 with 24.33 %)

Based on this analysis the two plotters devised scheme whereby the cracks in the system could be exploited for their gain or more accurately the gain of their outright owners big corporations such as oil and insurance. Their scheme consisted of deliberately attacking the system on many fronts using the money of their corporate owners to finance expensive campaigns and defend against lawsuits

There are too many dirty tricks (and they are the dirtiest of dirty tricks) to discuss here

But to name a few, a very few

1. HATE propaganda, a carefully orchestrated shouting match of lies through paid advertisements. The fact that these criminally libelous ad hominem attacks were in many cases illegal being political advertisements outside the election period pales before their despicable spewing of HATE

2. Wooing of specific groups in specific close and key ridings (openly admitted by Jason Kenny) sending targeted propaganda to these groups including ethnics and seniors. (An expensive proposition beyond the reach of other parties)

3. Outright election fraud. There are 200 investigations of criminal election fraud. Given how close some ridings were this alone would be enough to put them into majority... and on and on

All this funded by corporate wealth (Oil and Insurance amongst many) which puts profits before people

The electorate was ROBBED.