McCain Artist Studio Residency

Works produced during the McCain Artist Studio Residency November, 2011-May 2012; Ontario College of Art & Design University

Works 1-22 mixed media: charcoal, oil pastel, chalk pastel, wax, damar varnish, inkjet on paper
Works 23-25 transparent digital images mounted on acrylic mirrors
Works 4,5,8,11,14 were destroyed by the artist as part of a protest against the Harper Government on Parliament Hill Ottawa; May 10, 2012


The series developed from the notion of looking at images by candle light. This basic light source is charged with metaphoric connotations and has led to an imaginary journey where the artist with candle in hand visits many of the great images of pictorial and journalistic history. In addition to this trip through time the artist examines his own images by candle light.

Many of the Visitation Series stand alone as photographic images however are also transformed on occasion into ink jet/charcoal/pastel/wax mixed media works on paper or canvas. The exhibition Source/Derivations IX (Vasely Fedosenko) exhibited at the University of Waterloo in 2004 featured a series of candle images. See: Source/Derivations


Works that roam a variety of pictorial interests ie: exteriors, interiors, still life, figurative and metaphorical subjects.

Toronto Island Scroll

Before Series

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After Series

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